what is Raku?

Raku is an ancient Japanese Ceramic glazing technique closely associated with the Tea Ceremony. For many hundreds of years, the most revered Tea Ceremony teacups were fired in the Raku Tradition, through a long lineage within the Raku family. in which the objects are glazed, fired and smoked. The word Raku itself, in the Japanese language means, Joy or Effortlessness, this refers to the Maker and his ability to be in the Moment during the time of Creation.


Bisqued wares are glazed and then fired rapidly to 900 degrees C. The kiln is opened, the wares are red hot ( as in lava red hot) and they are placed quickly in airtight barrels with paper and woodchips. Herein is where the magic happens, during this Reduction process. After 5 to 15 minutes the wares are plunged carefully into water often leading to crazing and crackling. Most of the results are unpredictable, hence the beauty of the process. the Creator must essentially let go of control over the results.