My vision is to return to a world where nature is revered as sacred.

I believe the ancient people and the few remaining Indigenous people, held these sacred beliefs, which essentially, kept the world in a harmonious balance. I believe now more then ever, we need to return to this ancient wisdom. 

The name Kami, is derived from the ancient Japanese Shinto Beliefs. In Shintoism, nature is revered a spirits or many different spirits. Kami is best translated as spirit, but even that translation falls short. A river or mountain may be the home of kami. Kami can be benevolent and mischievous.

MISSION: My mission is to contribute to a world which values creativity and ancient craft prattices.

I love practicing a creative process in which a great deal of unknown is invloved. It is like leaving it up to the gods. In both dyeing with plants and Raku Ceramics this is the case. One must really let go. Let go of the results and the expectations…I believe in taking a craft and finding one’s own unique voice. A belief in magic and in miracles.